Glimmers of Good News p1

In relation to social justice, some recent shifts in the media, in the UK … Cotton Capital A special series by the Guardian newspaper on how slavery changed the Guardian, Britain and the world. It focuses on Manchester, the city where the Guardian was established, because of its connection to transatlantic slavery through the cottonContinue reading “Glimmers of Good News p1”

July 2015 full moon – dukkha

In last month’s full moon post, I wrote about impermanence.  Impermanence or anicca is one of the three “universal characteristics” recognised by the Buddha as being inherent in all experience; the other two being dukkha (usually translated as “suffering,” but more accurately, unsatisfactoriness), and anatta, or not-self.  Deeply understanding these three characteristics leads to theContinue reading “July 2015 full moon – dukkha”