Individual meetings with Jill:

Depending on my schedule, I’m sometimes able to offer individual meetings either in person, or by video-call.  These meetings are on a dāna or donation basis.
You can make a booking through my online calendar here:
If you can’t find any times that work, please email me through the contact form below and I’ll try to free up some extra times if possible.

To join e-mailing list:

To receive occasional emails about events in your area, please sign up here:

Email contact:

If you have any questions about meditation practice, please use the form below:

Offering financial support:

To offer dāna* to Jill Shepherd from Australia or New Zealand, you can make direct payments online to her bank accounts in those countries. Please use this option where possible, to avoid the high fees that other options incur. You can contact Jill via the above form to get her bank account details.

To send money from countries other than Australia and New Zealand, please use the Donate button below.

* Dāna is the Buddhist word for offering generosity. Traditionally, the Buddha’s teachings are given freely, and people are invited to contribute to the teacher and/or meditation centre to help support the continuation of the teachings.

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