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One-month Insight Dialogue retreat – the Netherlands

A Whole Life Path: Abiding in Stillness, Engaging with Wisdom

In 2020, Greg Kramer is planning to teach the first ever one-month Insight Dialogue retreat, and  I’ll be assisting him (together with a third teacher yet to be confirmed).  This retreat will take place in March 2020, at Bosoord Center, in The Netherlands. Confirmed dates will be announced. We are committed to keeping the cost for participants as low as possible and expect it to be no more than 3000 US dollars/ 2400 euros per person. Please let us know of the possibility of your attendance at this retreat by July 15 2018.

Experience level: Experience with two week-long Insight Dialogue Retreats and two silent Vipassana retreats  (one week-long and one 10-day retreat) will be required
Time and dates: February 29 – March 29, 2020
Location: Bosoord Center, Loenen, the Netherlands
Cost: approx 3000 US dollars/ 2400 euros
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