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ONLINE: April-June 2018

21/02/18 Update: two places available only for group meeting time on Sundays 7:00 pm AEST or 9:00 pm NZT or 10:00 am GMT

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies: Entering The Path

Interested in studying the suttas but find them too complex, dense? Not sure how to apply them to your practice?
Here’s a way in: twelve weeks of engaging in early Buddhist practice and study in an intensive online community

This online course offers video lectures by teachers Bhikkhu Analayo, Ajahn Candasiri, Shaila Catherine, Jake Davis, John Peacock, Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Salzberg, roughly six 10-minute segments per week.

Connect in small groups with guiding teacher Jill Shepherd weekly for one hour. Meetings are conducted through video conferencing software on computer, mobile or tablet.

One-on-one meetings via video conference with the guiding teachers available throughout the program for personal practice explorations.

Apply directly here before 5 March: