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February 29 – March 29: One-month Insight Dialogue retreat – the Netherlands

January 2019 FULL – please apply to be on the waiting list

A Whole Life Path: Abiding in Stillness, Engaging with Wisdom

In a whole life path approach to Dhamma, periods committed solely to meditation have a special place. When the body-mind has sufficient time to calm down and become steady and bright, uniquely transformative insight becomes possible. Deep freedom of heart and mind comes from seeing things as they actually are; seclusion and spiritual friendship, together, form a powerful path of awakening. The wisdom teachings of the Buddha come alive in our formal practice and from there move into the entirety of our lives.

This first ever month-long Insight Dialogue and Vipassana retreat will begin with a week of Insight Dialogue practice, gradually transitioning into two weeks of immersion in silence. The final week of the retreat will then taper back into relational practice to deepen any insights, allow new ones, and provide a supportive transition from retreat life to daily life. This retreat seeks to tap the synergetic effect of combined individual and interpersonal meditation. The middle two weeks of silent practice will be supported by morning instruction sessions and evening dharma talks. Individual meetings with the teachers will be available throughout the retreat and scheduled regularly during the period committed to silent practice.

Retreat requirements: Two week-long Insight Dialogue Retreats and two silent Vipassana retreats  (one week-long and one 10-day retreat)
Teachers: Greg Kramer, Jill Shepherd, Ajahn Sucitto, Yuka Nakamura
Time and dates: February 29 – March 29, 2020
Location: Bosoord Center, Loenen, the Netherlands
Cost: €2540 double shared room or €2840 single room
Registration now open: click here 

April 4: Insight Meditation + Insight Dialogue one-day workshop – London, England

Exploring the relationship between silent Insight Meditation and Insight Dialogue practice

Insight Dialogue is an interpersonal meditation practice grounded in core Buddhist teachings that cultivate wisdom and compassion as a path to complete freedom of heart and mind.
Through guided meditations, relational dialogues, and teachings drawn from the Satipatthana Sutta or Four Establishments of Mindfulness (the key discourse for insight practice), Jill will offer us the opportunity to explore how silent insight meditation supports our relational practice of Insight Dialogue.

Note: while the day will include some relational practice, it will not be a classic ID day-long event. It is best suited to people who have some familiarity with Insight Dialogue, because formal instruction in the six guidelines of ID will not be given.

For more information about the practice of Insight Dialogue, please see https://metta.org/insight-dialogue-3/

Time and date: 9:30-4:30 pm Saturday 4 April 2020
Location: Crossfields Centre, 8 Fairhazel Gardens, London NW6 3SG
Cost: £20 + dana*
To register: https://all-day-with-jill-shepherd-4apr19.eventbrite.com

April 10-12: Three-day non-residential Insight Dialogue workshop – Bristol, England

Cultivating Joy and Resilience in Challenging Times

Bristol Zen Centre is pleased to welcome visiting insight meditation teacher Jill Shepherd for a three-day non-residential retreat, co-taught with Insight Dialogue teacher Jane Cutler.

Weaving together the practices of zen, insight meditation and Insight Dialogue, we will explore ways to meet life’s joys and challenges with more balance and ease, while embracing the reality of change and the need for an appropriate response.

In support of developing this resilient heart and mind, our time together will include silent and guided sitting meditation, walking meditation, sessions of Insight Dialogue (relational practice meditating together in pairs or small groups), optional mindful movement and some optional opportunities for individual practice meetings with the teachers.

This retreat is best suited to people who have some experience of silent practice, but prior Insight Dialogue experience is not required.

For more information about the practice of Insight Dialogue, please go to www.metta.org

Refreshments: Tea and snacks will be provided, but not lunch. Please bring your own lunch with you so that you can stay in silence over the lunch period.

Teachers: Jill Shepherd and Jane Cutler

Time and dates: 9:30-4:30 pm each day, Friday 10 April – Sunday 12 April 2020
Location: St Michael’s Parish Hall Old Park Hill, Bristol BS2 8BE
Cost: £45-£60 according to need + dana*
To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/insight-dialogue-retreat-joy-and-resilience-in-challenging-times-tickets-90504372013