Wise Action – undoing racism

NOTE: the resources below were developed in the USA, but the general principles can be translated to other countries.
And, if anyone is aware of similar resources from other parts of the world, please let me know.

Harvard implicit bias test

Project Implicit is a long-term research project based at Harvard University that aims to measure people’s preferences for certain social groups over others.

You can take tests in relation to race, gender, body size and so on at



White Awake: Waking ourselves for the benefit of all

Life is a beautiful thing. It should be enjoyed, protected, and nurtured. Unfortunately, we find ourselves living through a time when the cultivation of beauty and peace is thwarted by greed and delusion. Oppressive forces are emboldened, and already marginalized communities are facing increased attack. Standing up to these forces, dismantling an exploitative system, and building a life sustaining society will take millions of people, from all walks of life, organizing ourselves and acting in concrete, powerful ways. In this context, popular education helps masses of people build a common frame of reference and engage in spiritual, emotional, and cultural transformation such that we do not replicate the harmful systems we aim to replace.


EBMC shrine 1

Shrine at East Bay Meditation Center, Oakland CA

White Awareness Insight Curriculum for Uprooting Privilege (WAIC UP!):

A Dharma and Racism Study Program

Offered by Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leader 5 participants to Sanghas everywhere.
Originally developed for CDL5 in 2015/2016. This version adapted July, 2016.
As with all forms of suffering, the Dharma offers enormous gifts to meet the ongoing reality of racial suffering. This is no less true for members of the white majority who participate, often unconsciously, in racial harm. The white person’s version of racial suffering is complex and potentially difficult to name, bound as it is in denial, guilt, hatred (even self-hatred) and overwhelm. Dharma practice affords the opportunity to turn towards this suffering and with mindful, loving attention, investigate deeply, dispel our ignorance, allow our hearts to break, and learn to respond with wisdom and compassion.


Insight Meditation Society diversity resources

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