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Exploring Anattā: Constructing and De-constructing the Sense of Self

February-March 2023

This four-week online course will explore what the Buddha was pointing to when he stated that experience is impermanent (aniccā), unsatisfactory (dukkha), and not-self (anattā). Focusing mostly on anattā, we will approach this key teaching in a variety of ways, to help understand how it leads to greater ease, happiness, and freedom in our lives.

Each two-hour class will include a short dharma talk, guided and silent meditation, and small group discussion. During the four weeks of the course, you are invited to maintain a regular sitting practice and keep a practice journal, to help inform the discussion during each meeting.

During this course there will also be required weekly assignments that will be posted for students to complete. Weekly assignments will consist of reflections and discussion board posts. Assignments must be completed each week before access to the next week’s teaching materials will become available.

This course requires a minimum time commitment of 4 hours per week. Students will meet with the teacher live via Zoom once per week, at times suitable for different international time-zones, including US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Dates: Saturdays or Sundays, February 25 – March 19
More info and to register: here

Bringing Ease into Daily Life

Rocklyn, Victoria, Australia
February 24 -27, 2023

Join Elizabeth Faria and Dave Leggatt for this weekend retreat and explore the power of Insight Dialogue to bring clear seeing and ease into this day by day journey.
Life is a journey that takes us from one moment to the next and when we are attentive to the arising and passing of each moment, there is the possibility of ease. Out of attentiveness and ease, clear seeing arises. But when the mind opposes that flow, clings to what is past or to some future that has no guarantee of becoming, suffering happens and blinds us to what this moment brings.

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Healing The Heart, Refining The Mind, Finding Freedom

Nine-Day Retreat March 24 – April 2, 2023
FULL please apply to be on the waiting list

In the Buddha’s teaching, going on retreat can be understood as a powerful form of “taking refuge,” by temporarily retreating from our external responsibilities to take care of our inner life.

The peaceful environment of BMIMC in the Blue Mountains supports deep rest and renewal, which in turn, supports the strengthening of our inner resources, our connection with sangha/community and our capacity to live with more ease and freedom in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

Over the course of nine / seven days, we will explore a variety of foundational Buddhist practices, including the Four Establishments of Mindfulness that orient us to deep freedom, the four Brahmavihāra practices of kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity that open the heart and mind, and some relational practice meditating together in pairs or small groups, to strengthen our sense of sangha/community.

Each day will include a mix of guided and silent sitting meditation, walking meditation, optional mindful movement, small group discussion and individual meetings with the teacher.

This retreat is best suited to people who have done at least one previous silent insight meditation weekend retreat (or longer).

DATE & TIME DETAILS: Friday 24 March after 4pm for a 7pm start Finishing time: Sunday 2 April with lunch

LOCATION: Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre

ADDRESS: 25 Rutland Rd, Mellow Bath 2780

(02) 4788 1024



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