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Retreat Centres offering Insight Meditation (vipassana)


Offering vipassana (insight) retreats mostly in the tradition of the Burmese meditation master
Mahasi Sayadaw

Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre – Medlow Bath, New South Wales

New Zealand

Auckland Insight

A community of people interested in exploring meditation together in the Western insight meditation tradition.  This tradition combines insight meditation (vipassana), which is grounded in the practice of mindfulness, and the brahma vihara practices of kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity, to develop deeper happiness and peace of mind.

Offering vipassana (insight) meditation retreats

Te Moata retreat centre, Coromandel

United Kingdom

Offering meditation retreats in various Buddhist traditions

Gaia House, Devon


Offering vipassana (insight) and metta (loving-kindness) retreats in various Theravada
Buddhist traditions

Insight Meditation Society – Barre, Massachusetts
founding teachers Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg

Spirit Rock Meditation Center – San Francisco, California
founding teacher Jack Kornfield

Insight Meditation Center – Redwood City, California
founding teacher Gil Fronsdal

Focusing on the integration of study and practice from various Buddhist traditions

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies – Barre, Massachusetts


Dharma talks in the Insight Meditation tradition:

Dharma Seed

Audio Dharma

Talks given by Jill on Dharmaseed:

Translations of the Buddha’s teachings:

Access to Insight

Sutta Central – suttas translated into many languages besides English

Dharmafarer – suttas with commentary by Piya Tan

On-line Buddhist studies:

Online courses focusing on the integration of study and practice from various Buddhist traditions

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies – Barre, Massachusetts

Integrating the fruits of retreat practice into your daily life:

A six week online course specifically designed to bring your retreat back home
In this six week, online course, meditation teachers Oren J. Sofer and Jaya Rudgard offer in-depth training to nourish the insights and learnings from a retreat. Through practical, down-to-earth videos, practices, and readings, you’ll learn versatile tools to bring the teachings into your life.

Awakening Joy
An internationally recognized Internet course created by noted teacher and author, James Baraz. The course is designed to awaken joy through an exciting curriculum of principles and practices that incline the mind toward well-being, happiness and ease:

Buddhanet Buddhist studies

A glossary of Buddhist terms:

One Hundred Days of Loving-Kindness (metta)
A blog by Bodhipaksa, as he and his on-line community undertook one hundred days of brahma vihara practice ie kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity:

Directories of Buddhist organisations:



Western Buddhist sanghas/communities:

Insight Aotearoa
An online newsletter dedicated to supporting individuals and communities in Aotearoa
New Zealand who practice insight meditation:>

Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust
A charity through which funds are raised to bring Buddhist teachers to New Zealand, primarily from the Insight Meditation tradition:

Sydney Insight Meditators
Supporting the opportunity for regular insight meditation practice through several
affiliated local meditation groups (Sanghas):