Some Climate Change Actions and Trainings


EcoSattva Training – Series 3: An Online Course for Aspiring EcoSattvas

In the backdrop of a pandemic and state actors actively hostile to science, ecological breakdown looms. The potential for overwhelm is real. While we take steps to demand racial justice, protect voting rights, or defend ecosystems, we can also invest in our inner resources. With the support of community, we can turn toward difficulty and transmute it into wisdom. Supported by a diverse and rich set of teachers, we invite you to gather with others online and explore our respective edges, meeting all that arises in us and discovering an authentic way forward.

The EcoSattva Training has been specifically designed to support self-paced and self-scheduled participation, with core video teachings and plentiful resources for contemplation and interacting with fellow participants. It is ideally experienced in a small group, which can be in-person or online; no matter where you are or whether it is safe yet to meet up, you can start or join a group to progress through the course. Then join the monthly live sessions to connect with the global community of registered EcoSattvas in training, no matter where each is in the course.

This course is offered by One Earth Sangha and includes presentations by well-known Western Dharma leaderes such as Thanissara, David Loy, Dan Siegel, Lama Willa Miller, Yanai Postelnik and Myokei Caine-Barrett.

More info here

The Active Hope Foundations Training

A free, video-based, engaging & practical online course.

If you’ve been despairing about the state of our world since the release of the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, this free online training could be supportive. It’s based on Joanna Macy’s the Work That Reconnects, and is presented by Chris Johnstone, who co-authored the book Active Hope with Joanna.


Please consider signing this letter, and sharing it widely

Tell the Global Climate Conference: “This is a Climate Emergency! Go Hard & Go Early!”

Extinction Rebellion is challenging Jacinda Ardern to use the global platform of COP26 to commit to urgent, effective measures for Aotearoa – and inspire others to do the same.
Measures like:

  • Stopping fossil fuel use to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025 – yes 2025! (The latest IPCC report shows how essential this is.)
  • Planning for Aotearoa to ‘power down’ and consume less while we treat our energy sources as precious.
  • Repairing and protecting the land, water and wild areas we depend on for food and life.
  • Reshaping the economy to meet people’s needs. Prioritising connection, fairness, quality of life, secure homes, clean water and healthy whanau over “wealth” and “growth” for their own sakes.
  • Setting up a Te Tiriti based climate assembly that ensures equity between Tangata Whenua and Tangata Te Tiriti and gives a voice to ordinary people’s concerns, rather than the groups with powerful vested interests in the current system.

We believe this Open Letter reflects the concerns of many others who want urgent and decisive action – on the climate crisis, on the damage to our land and rivers and, not least, on the inequality and human suffering that result from our GDP-obsessed economic system.

More information here:


October 15 #ClimateStrike

All around Australia, people are taking the day off to demand climate justice for everyone.
We are in the thick of the climate crisis. 
Yet our government continues to subsidise their mates in the fossil fuel industry, putting all of us at risk. 
We are already seeing the impacts of climate change hurt those closest to us.

If we don’t take action now and transition swiftly away from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy, things will only get worse. But it’s going to take all of us working together to succeed.
Australia is ranked last in the world on climate action. 
If we do not take action now, Australia risks being left behind, resulting in economic and climate impacts beyond what we can comprehend.
The government thinks that our movement of young people can’t hurt them. 
Think again. Thousands of us can now vote since our first strike in 2018, and that number is only going to grow. 
Join us on October 15, two weeks before the COP 26 global climate summit by taking the day off school, work or uni to tell the government that we’re serious about climate action, and won’t go away until they stop selling our futures. 

The world isn’t waiting, so neither are we.
Sign up here

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