2020-10 Introduction to insight meditation

2020-10-19 Mahurangi schoolhouse 1

Mahurangi West schoolhouse

2020-10 Introduction to insight meditation

Mahurangi West, Auckland, New Zealand
October-November 2020

2020-10-12 01 talk: introduction to mindfulness meditation for beginners 14:37
A short talk introducing insight meditation for beginners

2020-10-12 02 meditation: mindfulness of breathing 20:26
A short guided meditation for beginners, starting with mindfulness of the body sitting and breathing

2020-10-19 03 short talk: mindfulness of the body 11:29
A short introduction to the benefits of working with the body as a foundation of mindfulness

2020-10-19 04 meditation: mindfulness of the body 26:36
Beginning with a body scan, tuning in to areas of the body that tend to habitually store tension and inviting it to relax, then bringing awareness to physical sensations throughout the whole body

2020-10-19 05 instructions: relational practice exploring mindfulness of the body 8:49
Short instructions for meditating together in pairs, naming out loud physical sensations in the body with bare awareness

2020-10-26 06 talk: mindfulness recap and introduction to mindfulness of hearing 11:25
A recap of mindfulness of the body, plus an introduction to practising different modes of mindfulness; exploring mindfulness of hearing as a way to cultivate relaxed receptivity

2020-10-26 07 meditation: mindfulness of hearing 15:47
Practising mindfulness of sounds, settling back and receiving the experience of hearing (includes occasional bell sounds)

2020-10-26 08 instructions and guided walking meditation 10:55
Short instructions and guided walking meditation, for the whole group walking in a circle together

2020-10-28 no excuses: 5 minute mindfulness meditation 5:10
Just five minutes to prractice mindfulness of the body, breathing

2020-10-28 no excuses: 10 minute mindfulness meditation 10:07
Just ten minutes to strengthen mindfulness of the body sitting, as a support for mindfulness of breathing

2020-10-28 no excuses: 15 minute mindfulness meditation 14:58
Just 15 minutes to steady awareness with the body and breathing, as a support for steadying the mind and practising non-reactivity to thinking

2020-11-02 09 talk: mindfulness of mind 22:59
An introduction to bringing mindfulness to different types of mental activity, including thoughts, emotions, moods, and mind-states

2020-11-02 10 meditation: beginning mindfulness of mind practice 20:14
Opening up the field of awareness from the body and breathing, to sounds, then to thoughts

2020-11-02 11 meditation: kindness 13:11
A short guided medition introducing the practice of cultivating kindness

2020-11-09 12 talk: mindfulness of mind, including emotions 18:25
A short overview of working with emotions in meditation

2020-11-09 13 meditation: mindfulness of thoughts and emotions 20:31
Beginning with stablising mindfulness in the body, then opening to sounds, thoughts, and any emotions that might be present

2020-11-16 14 talk: a short introduction to the five hindrances 24:33
A short overview of the five hindrances, particular mental qualities that get in the way of clear seeing

2020-11-16 15 meditation: recognising the hindrances of desire for sense pleasure, and aversion 19:49
A short meditation exploring the hindrances of sensual desire and aversion or ill will, together with their antidotes

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