Recordings from Vesak celebration 30 May 2021

2021-05-30 flower candles mandala.jpg 

2021-05-30 01 meditation: cultivating mudita as a foundation for the day’s practice15:25

Orienting to appreciation and gratitude as a foundation for this day of celebration

2021-05-30 02 talk: short introduction to celebrating Vesak 11:02

Exploring ways of celebrating Vesak and the Auckland Insight community

2021-05-30 03 talk: Heavenly Messengers 16:14

Looking at the legend of the Four Heavenly Messengers, and finding parallels in the context of our own lives

2021-05-30 04 instructions: ritual to explore spiritual friendship 5:10

Taking time in silence to contemplate the qualities of a spiritual friend

2021-05-30 05 talk: spiritual friendship 8:59

A short intro exploring the challenges and rewards of spiritual friendship as the foundation of sangha or community

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