Recordings from Vesak celebration 22 May 2022


01 talk: What is Vesak? 5:56

A brief introduction to what Vesak is, and the structure of this day of practice

02 meditation: cultivating gratitude 22:23

Orienting the heart-mind towards gratitude as a support for muditā, appreciative joy

03 talk: introduction to the life of the Buddha 7:39

Finding points of commonality in our own lives with the life of the Buddha, then moving into relational practice exploring what motivated us to step out of the “palace of delusion”

04 talk: awakening mutuality 16:09

Exploring what Awakening or Nibbāna means, then exploring some words by Thomas Hubl to explore how sangha or community can develop mindfulness, mutuality and mirroring as a support for insight

05 talk: facing up to impermanence, endings, loss 15:27

Following a reading on the passing of the Buddha, reflecting on the truth of impermanence and how none of us are immune to it; moving into a ritual to acknowledge recent losses, and strengthen inner qualities to be able to navigate change with more ease

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