2015-10-26 Insight Meditation Society three-month retreat recordings

Six-week insight meditation retreat

Insight Meditation Society, Barre, Massachusetts
October-December 2015

2015-11-28 The Miracle of Metta 49:47

Exploring Metta as a purification practice, and as a foundation for spiritual friendship and dharma service.

 2015-11-23 Guided Mudita Meditation 58:42

Exploring mudita for the benefactor and oneself

2015-11-21 Exploring the Third Foundation of Mindfulness 48:25

Cultivating a balanced relationship to our mind-states, even while we go through cycles of ‘purity and purification’ as the practice develops

2015-11-07 Right Resolve 45:45

An exploration of the second factor of the Noble Eightfold Path, Right Resolve, focusing on renunciation: how not clinging to material pleasures can support not clinging to mental constructs, which leads to deepening experiences of freedom

2015-10-31 Wisdom and Compassion 55:37

An exploration of how these two “wings to awakening” can be brought into balance firstly through understanding how wisdom can be cultivated on three distinct levels then through how compassion and self compassion work in relation to the other three Brahma Vihara practices