2018-12-05 Forest Refuge one-month retreat recordings

Four-week insight meditation retreat

Co-teacher Caroline Jones
Insight Meditation Society – Forest Refuge, Barre, Massachusetts
December 2018

Talks from the whole retreat here: Dharma Seed – 2018 December 5 – 31, 2018 at IMS – Forest Refuge

Jill’s talks

2018-12-11 The Refuge of the Forest Refuge 44:50

Exploring how a sense of refuge is co-created at the Forest Refuge, through orienting to six qualities: safety, silence, solitude, simplicity, slowing down, and stillness.

2018-12-18 Suffering and Self-compassion 52:18

An exploration of the first noble truth, and how self-compassion supports our capacity to turn towards life’s difficulties with kindness and courage.

2018-12-25 From suffering to ease 48:13

As the arc of practice develops from releasing suffering, dukkha, towards greater happiness, sukha, we often encounter conditioning that gets in the way of opening to deeper ease and freedom. The brahmavihara practice of mudita, appreciative joy, can be a support for releasing that conditioning.

2018-12-31 Equanimity and wisdom 52:03

Equanimity is highly valued throughout the Buddha’s teachings. It acts as a powerful support for insight, and insight in turn, strengthens this quality of ease, acceptance, and freedom.




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