Buddhist-inspired artworks available in NSW, Australia

Viruch Pinkuntod (1973-2015)

An artist friend of a friend, Viruch Pikhuntod, a Thai Buddhist, died recently in New South Wales and left many beautiful artworks referencing his Buddhist beliefs.

Viruch Pinkuntod unnamed painting

Untitled, Oil on canvas, 198 x 52cm

Information below and image from SIM newsletter, June 2016, written by Anna Russell

Viruch grew up in a family and a culture where Buddhism was a given. He graduated from the National Art School, held solo shows and  was a finalist in the Dobell Drawing Prize, amongst others. His Buddhism infused everything he did.

In his poem, Stubborn boy, quiet boy, bird boy, written a few years after he arrived in 1995,  he writes:

Do not know why I feel like I can fly.
But it has been like that for me since I settled here. Australia.

I fly with my art, my drawing and painting. My music, my photography, my writing.
I fly with the world that I live in, that we live in. It is a world of friendship and love, of conflict and difference.

I do not know how far I can fly, how long I can live to watch the world. It does not matter.

On the day I die, my last words will be “thank you”.

Viruch’s partner organised an exhibition in Sydney and an overflow show at their home in Medlow Bath, but many paintings remain. We’d like to see them go where they would be appreciated, as our interest is in honouring Viruch’s work and beliefs, not making sales.

For more information about viewing the works, contact Gary Shinfield.


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