2017-07-15 Wellington one-day workshop recordings

One-day workshop

Wellington Insight Meditation Community

15 July 2017

Befriending the mind

One common misperception of meditation is that it aims to stop thinking. However, the aim of insight meditation is to develop a more skilful relationship to every aspect of our experience, including our thoughts and emotions. This one-day workshop explores ways to befriend the mind, to let go of unhelpful mental habits, and to cultivate helpful ones: states of heart and mind that lead in the direction of greater ease, happiness, and freedom.


2017-07-15 01 talk: Introduction to mindfulness of mind 13:05

Introduction of insight meditation and the four foundations of mindfulness, beginning with mindfulness of the body and the breath

2017-07-15 02 guided meditation: Mindfulness of breathing, body, sounds 28:04

30 minute guided meditation exploring mindfulness of the breath, physical sensations and sounds

2017-07-15 03 talk: short instructions on six sense doors 4:27

Short instructions on maintaining continuity of mindfulness through all six sense doors

2017-07-15 04 talk: mindfulness as non-reactivity 7:48

Short instructions for training in non-reactivity to thoughts

2017-07-15 05 guided meditation: breath, body, sounds, thoughts 27:15

Thirty minute guided meditation bringing mindfulness to the breath, body, sounds, then thoughts

2017-07-15 06 talk: Feeling tone – vedana 12:50

Short talk on feeling tone or vedana, with instructions for dyad (pairs) practice

2017-07-15 07 guided meditation: dyad practice exploring feeling-tone vedana 8:12

Guided dyad (pairs) meditation exploring pleasant and unpleasant feeling-tone. Allow three minutes for each person to speak.

2017-07-15 08 talk: working with difficult emotions 14:51

Short talk on different methods for working with recurrent challenging emotions

2017-07-15 09 guided meditation: working with difficult emotions 16:25

15 minute guided meditation lying down, exploring ways of relating skilfully to difficult emotions

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