2017-03-17 Insight Meditation Society five-day Metta retreat recordings

Five-day metta retreat with Oren Sofer

IMS, Barre, Massachusetts
17-22 March 2017

Strengthening the Heart, Cultivating Kindness

Metta, sometimes translated as unconditional kindness or universal friendliness, grows from our capacity for basic human warmth. It is the first of four sublime states that can be cultivated as a powerful support for well-being, concentration and the deepening of insight practice.

For talks from the other retreat teachers, go to Dharmaseed:


2017-03-18 Mindfulness Of Body and Breathing 55:21

Instructions and guided meditation, beginning with body scan, inviting ease, in mindfulness of breathing.

2017-03-19 Metta for Self 55:15

Practising metta for the benefactor, then oneself

2017-03-19 Metta and the obstacles to cultivating kindness 50:18

An overview of the five hindrances, and some tools for working with difficult emotions and mind-states that get in the way of cultivating metta

2017-03-20 Metta instructions and guided meditation using the “radiating energy” method 48:02

Practising with the “radiating energy” method of extending metta in the four directions, above, below, and all around

2017-03-21 Metta for the “difficult” person 58:26

Instructions and guided meditation exploring metta for the “difficult” person

2017-03-21 Dharma talk: Mudita/appreciative joy and equanimity 56:14

An overview of the four Brahma Viharas, focusing on mudita/appreciative joy, and equanimity.

2017-03-22 Practicing metta in daily life 1:17:07

Suggestions for continuing the Brahma Vihara practices at home

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