On retreat at the Forest Refuge

If all goes to plan, from tomorrow I’ll be on retreat at IMS’s Forest Refuge in Barre, Massachusetts, for six weeks from 17 April to 31 May.  Today, as I work on extricating myself from daily life, I’ve been experiencing a huge amount of gratitude for all the causes and conditions that have come together to make this possible.

cushion shawl 1

So I just wanted to acknowledge again all the people who have offered their support in so many different ways:

Thank you all!  I trust that whatever benefit comes from my time on retreat might be shared with all of you, and all beings everywhere …


3 thoughts on “On retreat at the Forest Refuge

  1. Susan Mary Dykes says:

    Hi Jill

    Just off Retreat with Bob Stahl at Mana, and wishing you much metta as you embark on these six weeks. May all beings be free! Sue

  2. Rosalie says:

    Adjusting to sympathetic joy rather than “near enemies”!
    Have a great time? Have the time you are meant to have:)

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