2016-08-05 BMIMC nine-day insight meditation retreat recordings

A nine-day insight meditation retreat exploring the Satipatthana Sutta (Four Foundations of Mindfulness) through the lens of the Seven Factors of Awakening: mindfulness, investigation, energy, joy, tranquillity, concentration and equanimity

Complete selection of all the instruction sessions, guided meditations and dharma talks here:


Evening dharma talks only:

2016-08-06 Wisdom and compassion, the four noble truths and the awakening factors 48:55 mins

An exploration of how wisdom develops on different levels, leading to an understanding of the Four Noble Truths as an expression of compassion Includes an overview of how the Seven Factors of Awakening support the development of insight


2016-08-07 Awakening Factor of Investigation 39:34 mins

An exploration of Investigation as the Second Awakening Factor, and how it can reveal the three universal characteristics of impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and not-self


2016-08-08 Energy / Viriya Awakening Factor 40:07 mins

An exploration of Energy as the Third Awakening Factor: some common ways that energy becomes unbalanced, resulting in striving or complacency, and how to come back to balance


2016-08-09 Joy / Piti Awakening Factor 37:56 mins

An exploration of Joy as the Fourth Awakening Factor: some common challenges that prevent it developing, and ways to release these


2016-08-10 Tranquillity/Passaddhi Awakening Factor 40:18 mins

Tranquillity as the Fifth Factor of Awakening, with an exploration of renunciation as a support for deepening calm


2016-08-11 Concentration / Samadhi Awakening Factor 37:43 mins

Concentration as the Sixth Factor of Awakening, and how sila or ethical conduct supports it


2016-08-12 Equanimity / Upekkha Awakening Factor 38:29 mins

Equanimity as the Seventh Factor of Awakening


BMIMC buddha.JPG

 Stone Buddha at the Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre, sitting in the shade of an apple tree