Insight Dialogue update – New South Wales

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Good news!  It’s just been announced that Greg Kramer, the founder of Insight Dialogue, will be teaching a nine-day retreat for experienced students at the Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre in February 2015, together with senior Insight Dialogue teacher Mary Burns.
Places in this retreat are strictly limited and demand will probably be high, so if you are interested in attending please book soon.  More information can be found here:

When I first discovered Insight Dialogue on retreat with Greg Kramer in the US in 2007, it felt like the “missing link” that helped to integrate the insights I’d discovered in silent retreat into my daily life.  Being able to practice mindfulness while speaking and listening has had a huge impact on how I relate to others (as well as myself), so I’m very much looking forward to exploring this relational form of insight meditation again in a couple of weeks time.
If you’re unfamiliar with the practice of Insight Dialogue, you might like to try it out at an introductory day-long workshop co-facilitated by Jill Shepherd and Beth Faria.  These workshops are suitable for people with some previous mindfulness and insight meditation (vipassana) experience, but prior Insight Dialogue experience is not required.
See details below:


Insight Dialogue introductory day-long workshop 1
Sunday 25 May – Newtown, Sydney

update 20 May 2014 – only 4 places left

Co-facilitators: Jill Shepherd and Beth Faria
Date: Sunday 25 May 2014
Time: 8:30-5:00 p.m.
Location: Newtown Yoga Room 35 Dickson St
Newtown NSW 2042
Cost: $20+ dana*
Food: Please bring your own lunch.  Tea and herbal teas will be supplied.
Equipment: Chairs will be available, but please bring your own meditation cushion or bench if you have one, and a shawl or blanket.
To register:

“Insight Dialogue is an interpersonal meditation practice. It is based upon traditional Buddhist insight meditation, and involves cultivating the same qualities of mindfulness and calm concentration.  These qualities are cultivated while in relationship, while speaking and listening with one or more people, and as such, the keen and settled mind can gain insight into the nature of suffering and ease, identification and freedom. The topics of the dialogues are intended to invite the meditators into direct experiences of impermanence and selflessness, love and compassion, the suffering that comes with clinging and the release that comes with letting go.  The wisdom of selflessness and the compassion of the shared human experience become immediately present. The integration with our lives is revealing, challenging, and liberating.”
(interview with Greg Kramer, founder of Insight Dialogue, 8 March 2010)
For more information about Insight Dialogue, please refer to the Metta Program’s website:

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